Beat Bot is a “Musical/Platform/Runner” game I co-designed with 6 classmates as a final studies project.

It’s a solo game which can be played with Guitar Hero or Rockband devices or a simple PC keyboard.

You play as GO-46, a robot who wants to escape its factory to fulfill is rock n’ roll dreams.


GOAL: The main goal of the game is to escape the factory as fast as you can




I order to do that, he will use his special guitar who affects environment around him.

Here are the controls:

Green Key: Accelerate

Red Key: Jump

Yellow Key: Invert gravity/pass on/under the floor

Blue Key: Shield

Orange Key: Slide


The game’s scrolling s automatic, like free running games such as Cannabalt.

A lot of obstacles are coming on GO-46′s way, so he has to use his guitar’s capacities at their best.

Each guitar capacity has to be used for specific obstacles.


The levels are like a musical partition, each obstacle corresponds to a music section. If the right moves are done by the player, the sounds will play correctly, as in guitar hero.

The specific thing here is that the user is able to avoid the obstacles using several different actions, even “free-styling” on some sections, which adds a great replay value.


Here s the game’s trailer; because sometimes, pictures are more meaningful than words.



CREDITS (in alphabetical order):


Game design team:

- Kevin Foubert

- Pierre Louis-Guérin

- Thibault Saveret

- Paul Vaillé


Graphic design team:

- Sally Daniel

-Adrien Girod

-Sebastien Kowalkowski