Treasure Madness is a treasure hunt game combining map exploration and puzzle games in which the player explores various world locations to collect artifacts and ancient relics.

The game first featured locations and treasures depicting real life South American civilizations, such as the Arawak or the Aztec, and then diversified its themes, going worldwide and exploring culture from other continents.

The goal is simple: Dig locations to find treasures and complete collections.

This is achieved by clicking tiles on the maps; doing so, there’s a chance for the player to find in-game currency, energy, or treasures. The player has to complete puzzle minigames triggered by clicking the right tile to finally get the treasures.

Past the tutorial, the progression is non linear and the player can choose among the location they visit.




As a Game/Level Designer on the project, I mostly built game maps and created content, as well as tuning the freshly added content to match the game economy’s requirements.

A regular week of work consisted in, with fellow designers, deciding the theme of the next set of map, designing the content (the treasures collections), working with graphic designers to create the treasure and maps assets, building maps and integrating them to the game.



One of the maps I built and tuned; this one is based on South African landscape


Tasks on the project:

- Deciding the theme of the upcoming set of maps

- Undergoing research about archaeology and culture of the civilization and/or theme of the next set of maps

- Designing the content (map tiles, treasures) based on the research

- Working with graphic designers to design the assets

- Building the maps

- Tuning the maps (incorporating the treasures, setting the in-game currency and energy rate for the player, global tuning of the whole maps package)

- Integrating them to the game through the game’s engine