My name is Thibault Saveret, and I am a Game and Level Designer.

Video games have been one of my main interests since I’m a kid. I started my long (and not about to end soon) gamer’s life playing Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo and I’m still playing today, with hundreds of games played and completed.

I graduated in game design in July 2012 with a Game Design Masters degree and I’ve been working over a total of 8 years in the video games industry. I started with several internships; first as a QC Tester for Ubisoft Paris, and then as a game and level designer for Ooblada (facebook games). I then worked as a game writer and level designer up until now, for different companies making very different types of games.

I moved to the UK in June 2018 to work for Codemasters as a Senior Level Designer and currently still work there.

Working within a team, tackling on challenges, finding ways to fix issues, successfully meeting the deadlines and sharing and earning experience and ideas with and from others are what drives me and why I enjoy making video games.

There are other thing that have a substancial place in my life and that fuel my inspiration for video games making, such as cinema, music, travelling and photography. Knowledge is also key, and my main goal is to learn more and more everyday about different, new material, for my own culture and in order to possibly use it in my work. I love to experiment and discover new things, new cultures, new people, and I think it’s a key asset that can make a difference in game design.

Now, with my game design degree and my share of professional experience, I want to have new enlightening endeavors in the big video games world and put my all my efforts and passion in the process.